2 Technical SEO Audits to Improve Page Ranking

We’ve been focusing on the back end development of a website and its servers for over 2 years and we’ve come a long way because it continues to change everyday. CDN’s, Image Compressions and minifying code are not new but it was a matter of streamlining it in automation and becoming more efficient at implementing these changes. It was a matter of hours that we can churn our websites and focus on other priorities such as front end development or ppc campaigns and most of the time we were waiting for search engines to crawl our websites.


Chrome Dev Tools

We try our best to make these corrections. Google focuses mainly on the quality of a website because they like to organize the world’s information. If we follow their tag line and organize the information we convey to our users in order, it’s most likely that our websites will rank higher thus benefiting us in the long run; PPC campaigns and Google Perks.

  • Visit a website
  • Right click anywhere on the page
  • Click “Inspect”
  • a new sub window will appear on the right of the screen
  • on the menu tab, click on the arrow >>
  • click “audits”
    • There are options to choose from:
      • Device
        • Mobile
        • Desktop
      • Audits
        • Performance
        • Progressive Web App
        • Best Practices
        • Accessability
        • SEO
      • Throttling
        • Simulated Fast 3G, 4x CPU Slowdown
        • Applied Fast 3G, 4x CPU Slowdown
        • No Throttling
  • Normally we run on 3G network on Mobile because most users will be using 3G for quite some time.
  • Click “run”

Chrome dev tools

Now, it’s up to you, as the developer to make these changes. Don’t worry, Google will always find ways to help developers fix these problems because it will benefit the web from a holistic perspective.

GT Metrix

We use gtmetrix to perform more audits that Chrome Dev Tools do not provide to us. We Ultimately want to get to A but there are some codes that we simply cannot correct such as the Google Analytics code or even map codes. This audit helps us correct image sizes and compress them from 100% to 85%, and yes we do use older software to compress images and video, rather than using plugins. However, the main drawback of using older software is that its old fashion! which results in more coding and more time but it’s worth the cost because we would have to allocate more expenses to Saas.


These two tools pack a huge punch in Technical SEO. You can also use these tools to determine whether your website has quality because a website is not just a website. Ultimately, its a matter of advising potential clients the importance of Technical SEO. The better the quality, the more likely Google will rank your website closer to the top page of Google in the Organic section. Our existing clients know that they’re on the first page of Google among their top keywords within their industry.