How to Choose a Domain Name

Choosing a domain (Website URL) requires a lot of time and thought, we’ll discuss how to choose a domain name. The domain name chosen for your business will represent the first impression of your clients. Your domain name is your identity on the web to overall, increase your Search Engine Optimization and brandability. We’ll discuss a few key factors to developing a perfect domain name.

Make it easy to type and keep it short

Short domain names will make it easier for your users to type your domain name. It also easier to share on social media by reducing the characters, some social media platforms offer 140 characters or less. Aside from keeping it short, we’ll focus on how easy it is to type the domain name in a web browser to prevent customers from potentially misspelling your domain name.
Some words have an informal or slang spelling such as houses can be misspelled as houzes or extra for xtra. is a great domain, it is short and concise to its spelling and meaning and the brand is well presented by the products they offer.

Use Keywords in Your Market and Target Your area

It’s great to use specific keywords in your market to be utilized as your domain name. Keywords can be used to describe your business and the services you offer. Here is an example of John Doe specializing in Real Estate. Here are some common keywords that can be found in the industry:

  • Real Estate – property consisting of land or buildings.
  • REALTOR – Can be considered as a real estate agent but the main difference is that a Realtor is a member of the National Association of REALTOR® and are held at a higher standard for ethics.
  • Realty- The word realty may have originally meant real property, but currently is used much more often as a replacement for the term ‘real estate services’ because it’s a short, quick way to describe a company, but it is not really used anywhere else
  • Properties- A building or buildings and the land belonging to it or them.
  • Estates- Refers mostly to land and a house on it
  • Broker- A person who buys and sells goods or assets for others.

Also, it’s best practices to use the extension .com for domains because 48% of websites use the .com extension and is the most popular extensions among all others such as .org and .net. It’s also best practices to avoid numbers and symbols so that we do not confuse your users. I’ve also performed further research on other real estate companies and the trend is, most real estate agents use their first and last name as their domain name. If you need more assistance to help create a perfect domain name, use these resources:

Avoid trademark infringement and check the domain history

So we found a perfect domain name but we’ve come across another business operating under the same name or similar to the spelling of your domain name in the same market. Larger businesses can file a lawsuit against other names using the same spelling or similar that it affects their brand and that’s the last thing we want because they will have the right, by law to discard your domain name.
please refer to your Trademark & Copyright Attorney for more information. You can also watch this video that may answer your questions: Basic Facts 01: What Every Small Business Should Know Now, Not Later.

It’s also great to check the domain name’s history throughout the internet to determine if it has been used and may be associated with black hat SEO practices. Essentially, Black Hat SEO was a quick and easy way to attract organic traffic in the early 2000’s but search engines have discovered Black Hat SEO practices and have removed indexing for these websites on search engines.


Research, research, and more research. This helps prevent future stipulations from occurring when thorough research is done to finding a “perfect” domain name. It can be confusing and sometimes, infuriating but I certainly do believe that creativity takes time. I’ve also read articles that a lot of historical painters, musicians and inventors take a lot of time off to wander to create these masterpieces. Spending 15-20 minutes in nature will help the mind open its creativity.
Again, it certainly does take a considerable amount of time but moving forward, in the long run, it will ultimately help separate you from your competitors.