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Table to Table is a non-profit organization that distributes “food waste” from businesses to local food banks. In order to raise funds, Table to Table hosts a yearly benefit dinner and they needed help to promote their largest benefit dinner. Overall, the Facebook Ad Campaign has increased website traffic by 100% in just 17 days and reached over 3,000 people. We’ve helped rescue 3,125 lbs of food and increased Table to Table’s brand awareness.


⦁ Increase Brand Awareness
⦁ Attract new/returning visitors to their website

Data Analysis and Planning

In order to execute a compelling Facebook Ad Campaign, the first step was to analyze the data from Table to Tables Facebook Page.
To learn more about their target audience, we utilized a demographic website to understand their socioeconomic status and a generalization of behaviors and interests within a 50-mile radius of Iowa City. It was a complex and difficult process to determine high volume keywords that correlate with Table to Table’s market.


The campaign was launched on April 9th, 2018 and ended on April 26th, 2018.


The Campaign reached 3,069 people with 7,607 impressions. Out of the 250 actions, 214 people clicked the button to direct them to the /dinner/ page. As we proceed in the funneling system, there are 4 stages within the user interface. We had an average conversion rate of 7.48% and an engagement of 3.28% whereas, the average is 2%. Ultimately, we donated our time to use our skills to improve search presence for Table to Table while achieving our goals that align with our values. We will be working with Table to Table for future optimizations in making a difference in the World.

If you wish to make a donation to Table to Table, visit their donation page.