What is SEO?

The world has slowly increased its pace by becoming digitalized in every aspect. E-commerce has become the order of the day and has made the possibility of reaching a wider audience less stressful. One of the efficient ways is dedicating a website to your brand however, this can only lead to a success if your content is SEO friendly.

What Is SEO?

SEO which means Search Engine Optimization is aimed at relaying a certain content to the attention of search engines. SEO is rank boosters as it generates more traffic to a website by making it more popular.

Basically, there are two (2) types of SEO.

Technical SEO:

The technical SEO is a foundation upon which the SEO is built. With the exemption of links and content, the technical SEO controls all other parts of a search engine optimization. For the technical SEO to be so potent to be named a “foundation”, there are elements that come together to make it a sum of what it is. We’re briefly going to examine these elements.


Users hate to be slowed down. No matter how many minutes a user is delayed on a website, it reduces the website sales. From the optimizing of visuals to keeping single templates, to a reduction in the number of redirects a user gets, a technical SEO sees to the running of a website.
An Architecture That is Site Friendly: An architecture friendly SEO is a user-friendly SEO. An instance of a friendly architecture is the use of Https:// as opposed to the use of Http://.

Friendliness With Mobiles:

A technical SEO covers how friendly a website is with devices. As it plays a major role in search findings and results.

Non-Technical SEO:

Unlike the Technical SEO, the nontechnical SEO deals with the contents and the links found on a website. It is not technical because it doesn’t relate to the form of the website, but the substance. So, if a website is to gain more traffic, the content must be user-friendly. The best way to achieve this is through the use of keywords while uploading a content. Keywords are the most likely words to be typed in a search engine by a user. There is also a third type of SEO.

The Local SEO:

This type of SEO deals with websites for local businesses.
The local SEO is segmented into three main categories;

Google business:

The Google business is a type of SEO specifically for businesses. It helps buyers locate sellers online. But most importantly, what it does is to differently show a particular business linked to a website on the business map. By so doing, local buyers are easily connected to goods they want to purchase.

Bing business:

This type of SEO is a portal that allows businesses to be featured on Bing through a listing medium. Local businesses are put out to interested customers.

Relevant Keywords:

Keywords that state your location and industry will rank high in local SEO. Search Engines use Geo Location tracking to determine which city and state you’re in.

It is pertinent to state that the above SEO ‘s are all aimed at reaching the desired audience through visibility and traffic. It is therefore advisable to make use of SEO friendly content, as it will boost traffic and sales to your website.